Extra Trash Policy

In circumstances where you have extra trash, we will ONLY collect it under our new policy below: 

  • Customer must call, schedule and prepay for any extra trash outside the cart to be collected at 225.363.9053
  • ALL extra trash outside of the cart MUST be bagged Bags cannot weigh more than 25 lbs each
  • Minimum charge of $25.00 for up to 5 bags, additional bags are $5.00 each
  • If you do not call and schedule the extra trash pickup, the extra trash outside of the cart WILL NOT be collected

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What we say is all you pay! $24.95 /month!

NO Fuel Charges, NO Environmental Fees, NO Administrative Fees, and NO Cart Delivery or Pick-Up Fees!
What we say is all you pay! $24.95 /month!